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Edigital Knowledge

Edigital Knowledge Digital Marketing Training Center. Pune & Aurangabad

ऑनलाईन व्यवसाय वाढवणे झाले सोपे शिका स्वतः ऑनलाईन डिजिटल मार्केटिंग आणि वाढवा व्यवसाय १० पटीने किंवा सुरु करा नवीन व्यवसाय 

Krishna Lokhande

Trainer and Founder of Edigital Knowledge & Edigital Growth

ऑनलाईन व्यवसाय वाढवणे झाले सोपे शिका स्वतः ऑनलाईन डिजिटल मार्केटिंग आणि वाढवा व्यवसाय १० पटीने किंवा सुरु करा नवीन व्यवसाय 

शिका मोबाईल वरून

100% सोबत मिळवा 2 सर्टिफिकेट

Learn Complete Practical Digital Marketing Course. 10x your Profit and Start your Business or Grow your Business.

What You Will Learn In this Course/ या कोर्से मध्ये काय शिकाल

All you need Sep By Step  Digital Marketing in one KIT 

  • लोगो,पोस्टर,बॅनर, ऑफर पोस्ट, इमेजेस कशे बनवायचे ते पण फ्री मध्ये ?
  • फेसबुक वापरून लीड कश्या आणायच्या ?
  • लीड क्लोज कशी करायची ?
  • कमीत कमी वेळेत जास्तीत जास्त लोकांपर्यंत कसे पोहचायचे ?
  • पोस्ट शेड्युल कश्या करायच्या ?
  • 0 इन्व्हेस्टमेंट मध्ये नवीन व्यवसाय कसा सुरु करायचा ?

100% 2 Certificate

मिळालेला प्रतिसाद

Founder of  India’s Best Digital Marketing Training Center & Digital Marketing Agency.

Providing Quality training with Offline Marketing Strategies which helps them to execute the business idea Digitally.

Krishna Lokhande  Worked with Flipkart, Airtel, Oppo Mobiles, Anand Healthcare Pharma 

Online Education is the Future of Education sector.

It gives the Freedom to learn from anywhere in the world.

To bring more people to the Internet Industry so that they can execute their business Idea Digitally. 

Acknowledging the people about the Digital Industry and its Opportunities with Providing Complete training of Digital Marketing and Business Idea Execution. 

Krishna Lokhande has trained More than 1000+ People and taken 50+ Workshop at organization and Colleges

Krishna Lokhande Always says that 360 Training will help you to grow Technically and Non Technically as well.

Many people have Startup Idea, but they did not get proper support and Guidance hence they quiet.

Krishna Lokhande always Help to the startup because Starting business online it will require 0/- Investment 


  1. WordPress Elementor Pro Plugin Free worth ₹14290
  2. Email Marketing Course Video Access  Free Worth ₹1499
  3. Graphic Designing course Video Access 6-month free worth ₹999
  4. PDF file all the WordPress Plugin List free worth ₹999

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There is no special Qualification require to do this course. It is open to learn for everyone and anywhere in the world.

Online, Offline and Video Lecture Access

No, all this Courses Available in Marathi, Hindi & English

Yes, We also help people to choosing the best course after.

Call us on +917972617978 or Email us- support@edigitalknowledge.com

Through the current Market Situation Online Learning and education is the future of the Education.